Figure Skating

Thousands of people will tell you that figure skating is a GREAT! sport. But what makes this unique ice game so great and worth your time? That question is precisely what we will tackle in this article.

Skating is truly remarkable in the amount of detail it can be pursued, breathtaking in the size of things one has to learn, and extremely effective in building character.

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“Skating is about discipline. It teaches much more than spins and jumps. It educates about coping with the twists and turns of life, also.” -Alison Scott, mom of Jeremy Abbot, two time U.S. National Champion

How you cope with these falls is how you succeed. You need to get up and try again. THIS is why I love figure skating.” -Casey Yee

Below are my personal reflections from 21 years of competing:

Skating permits you to possess a unique set of skills. You can do things that only a small fraction of one percent of people in the world can do. It is so rewarding to dedicate yourself day after day, year after year to develop skills that others could not even comprehend of doing quickly.

I feel like I can accomplish anything now. I feel like I will never be in harder scenarios than I have already gone through. It’s a crucible.

You learn to set and work towards goals.

When you fail, you understand it quickly. Your life becomes practice for the Ultimate Success Formula of learning from errors, making adjustments, and moving ahead. Skaters don’t have a”padded room” life. You can become so strong emotionally, mentally.

You understand how to think and how to weed the garden of your mind. Most will never dig into the recesses of their mind to maximize its skills like good skaters will. Is the average man as conscious of negative thoughts and have they learned to listen?

They will never know what it feels to have control over their body as you do.

You learn to deal with anxiety and acting in front of and audience. Can assist with public speaking and work circumstances.

To be helpful, it demands a lot of time and sacrifice. If you’re a competitive skater, you know that you can’t do everything other kids your age are doing. Do I regret not going to all of the parties, etc? No way.

Constantly being pushed out of your comfort zone. Everyday you have to strive to be your best.

Opting to focus all of your energies on something. It becomes something you take possession of. Greatness in any pursuit only occurs with this ingredient.

No other sport combines that artistic and physical requirements of skating.

There’s always something else to learn, someone who is better than you.

It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

You learn to take care of physical pain and distress. Injuries are a frequent hurdle.

Skating students are used to working hard and they do not expect everything to be easy. You need to do really hard things with a grin.

Perseverance: knowing that you may have to do something a thousand times until you get it and stepping down the road and doing it anyways.

You learn to do things even when you don’t want to do them. The lesson learned is that you’re not run only by your emotions.

Skating teaches you that you can not control everything that happens to you in life, no matter how hard you work on it. Perhaps you step on a loose ice processor on the ice. A skater’s balance has to be so fine tuned to complete certain elements that even though you’ve landed a jump a thousand times before you occasionally fall.

You get knowledgeable about uncertainty and keep moving forward even though you do not know exact how it is going to end.

There are untold advantages of day dreaming, visualization, and viewing your future in your mind’s eye. These are all things that competitive skaters do.

Freedom! Where else can one slide with pace, leap into the air, look at the world in a lean and not fall over. There is nothing like it!

All of the different times I’d sneak in my homework while riding in the car or during lunch at school.

It teaches you to lose graciously.

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