Improve your golf swing

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Tiger Woods, PGA and Masters champion has said,”I really like to play golf, and that’s my arena.

Here are some ways you can your game:

  1. Get fit: Alter your fitness regiment to help you drive the ball farther and prevent injury. Don’t forget to stretch your muscles before stepping out on the golf program.
  2. Pick the ideal club: Most of the beginners pick a golf club based on duration. But selection of the right club also has things like natural shot trends, hazards, wind and whether or not concealed dangers lurk in prime landing areas. And most important, a good player always looks at which type of approach shot is to follow.
  3. Expensive isn’t always best: Don’t fall in the consumer trap of believing that expensive golf clubs will turn into a Rory Mcllroy. First, visit any local golf store and ask for a swing analysis and a recommendation for clubs based on your budget.
  4. Align the clubface: One among the frequent mistake is improper alignment. The correct method to align your shots is to start by first assessing your target from behind the ball. With this, you will aim right where you want the ball to go. Additionally, set the clubface behind the golf ball and align it straight at the goal before making any true stance.
  5. Devote time for all parts of your game: Many golfers move the range and only hit their forests. But this is a huge mistake, as most of the shots on the golf course are putts and chips. So, devote time to all these parts of your game each time you see the range.
  6. Improve your short game: If you do not have a lot of free time, then the fastest way to shave strokes off your score is to improve your short game. Have your American golf professional give you a few drills to take into the practice green.


So, follow the above mentioned tips to improve your golfing skills. Also if have any other tip in your head, then don’t forget to share with us.

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